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REB.pl is a renowned Polish store selling soda lime as well as toxic gas absorbents. The company offers both wholesale and retail sale of its products. It is worth noting that due to its unique properties, soda lime can be used in many different ways and in many different industries. The sectors that benefit most from this versatile product include the medicalmining and military industry. Soda lime is also often used in structures and equipment, such as submarines, diving bells, hyperbaric chambers or semi-closed or closed circuit diving apparatus. REB.pl store values high quality of offered products and the satisfaction of its customers. This is why our product range only includes products from proven manufacturers. The main manufacturers with whom we cooperate include such renowned companies as Molecular Products, Allied, Armstrong Medical, Intersurgical, Dräger, Vyaire, KNGMED, and Boenmed. Of course, we are continuously doing our best to supplement our offer with further specialist products that will respond to the needs of our customers from various industries.

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The versatility of soda lime makes it extremely popular in several key economic sectors. One of the most important industries that often uses soda lime is the medical branch. This product is directed at hospitals, pharmacies, hyperbaric medicine centres, pharmaceutical wholesalers and even veterinary surgeries. Soda lime is used in medicine during anaesthesia to absorb the carbon dioxide exhaled by the patient during surgery. All medical products in our store meet strict standards and have all the necessary certificates. They are carefully controlled mixtures of calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide. We are well aware of the diverse needs of medical entities, so in our store soda lime is available both in bulk packaging and disposable cases for all types of devices, including those ones produced by such manufacturers as Dräger, GE Healthcare, Maquet (Siemens), Spacelabs, Penlon, Dameca, Farum, Anmedic, Chirana, Medec, Taema or Mindray.

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Our soda lime sale offer is also targeted at military entities and special units which use this product, inter alia, for personal and collective protection equipment. One of the main applications are rebreather kits, in which the soda lime is used for the absorption of the exhaled carbon dioxide, thus preventing it from exceeding harmful levels. We also offer the sale of soda lime for diving centers and individual divers, using CCR (closed circuit rebreather), SCR (active semi-closed rebreather), and PSCR (passive semi-closed rebreather) circuits, for example, of  such manufacturers and models as: AP Diving, Dive Rite, Divesoft, Fathom, Halcyon Dive Systems, Hollis Rebreather, iQSUB, JJ-CCR, KISS, Open Safety Equipment LTD, Poseidon, Scubaforce (SF), Submatrix, Subgravity, Indepth, Mares, rEvo, Innerspace Systems Corporation (ISC), VR Technology. Soda lime is also crucial for saturated diving systems, submersible bathyscaphes and even submarines. Submarines are provided with complex air filtration systems, necessary to maintain the atmosphere in the submarine that enables breathing when submerged. We sell soda lime which is chemically and physically balanced to optimize CO2 neutralization process in accordance with national and international standards, including NATO STANAG 1411 ADivP-03. The product is used in warships as a system of atmospheric recovery when operating in areas of contamination, presence of combat gases as well as hydrogen sulphide in the offshore oil and gas industry. It is a system of air filtration in shelters and the backfill of individual carbon dioxide sinks used on a battlefield. Air recirculation means that before the filtration system is reused, carbon dioxide must be eliminated to prevent accumulation to toxic levels.

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The soda lime available in our store is also often used by entities which focus on the industrial processing of gases. Yet another sector that uses soda lime products is the petrochemical industry, which mainly uses this substance to remove trace acidic impurities during the hydrocarbon production process. It should be noted that soda lime is also used in the underground mining industry, among others, in rescue team breathing apparatus and rescue chambers. Should you have any additional questions about the offer of our soda lime store, we encourage you to contact our company: experienced REB.pl employees will be happy to provide you with any information concerning particular products and help you choose products best suited to your needs. Enjoy your shopping!